Our Products  

Raincoat roofing products

Our products are made from Zincalume steel, an alloy of zinc and aluminium that is incredibly resistant to corrosion.

Our roofing sheets are made from Colorbond, a pre-painted Zincalume steel where the colour is baked on to resist chipping and fading.

We use these high quality materials to produce:

  • roofing sheets (custom-cut to fit)
  • steel roof trusses
  • gutters
  • waterproofing systems
  • specialist industrial products, such as mineshaft ventilation systems


Raincoat Roofing: the only choice for your roof

Our Colorbond steel offers the highest possible protection against Ghana's tropical weather conditions. It has been tested over 30 years and results consistently show that Colorbond will keep your roof looking newer for longer.

Colorbond steel:

  • will not fade in fierce sun
  • will not rust or corrode with rain
  • does not stain
  • resists chipping, peeling and cracking
  • reflects heat, keeping your building cool and reducing air conditioning usage